Promotional Products

Promotional products are sometimes called as Schwag or swag, are merchandise, which is often identified with a slogan or logo used in communication and marketing programs. The promotional products are publicized to promote a corporate image, a company, event, or brand and it is considered as a part of revolutionary marketing campaigns.

The first popular promotional products in the U.S. are tribute buttons that were manufactured in 1789 to promote the election of George Washington. In the early 19th century, the companies use to advertise through wooden subjects, advertising calendars, and rulers, but there was no structured industry for the formation and distribution of promotional products until the end of the 19th century.

According to the history, a printer in Coshocton, Ohio called Jasper Meek was the individual who is considered as the inventor of the industry when he influenced a regional shoe store to supply imprinted book bags with the store name to schools located in that area.  Henry Beach, who was also a Coshocton printer and also a competitor to Meek, got an idea and then, these two competitors started printing and selling buggy whips, marble bags, fans, card cases, cloth caps, calendars, hats for horses, and aprons.

In Canada, the USA, Ireland, and the UK, corporations, and companies use to purchase their products through promotional product distributor companies.  In Canada and the US, these distributors are known as Promotional Product distributors or Promotional Consultants.

Promotional products are the products that basically contain a custom printed logo or a company name or sometime a message will be printed on the product generally in certain PMS colors.  The distributors help the customers collect the product in the right format, and sometimes they also create products for customers.  Product distributors then ask for the product from the makers, printers, or suppliers.

Products and uses:

The promotional products are used all over the world to promote products, brands, and business identity.  The promotional products are also used as gifts at events like product launches and exhibitions.  Also, the promotional products can be utilized for non-profit organizations to promote certain events and cause like walks or any other event that helps people raise money for a cause.

Currently, you can observe that almost everything can be recognized with a company’s logo or name used for promotion. Standard products like caps, t-shirts, posters, key chains, pens, bumper stickers, koozies, mugs, mouse pads, or toys. Also, if you notice, the biggest product category for promotional products today is clothing products, which frames more than thirty percent of the total. The environmental friendly promotional products like the products that are made from recycled materials and sustainable resources are becoming popular.

Most of these promotional products are comparatively small and reasonably priced, but they can range to prime products. For instance, famous personalities at award shows and film festivals are often receiving costly promotional items, including leather goods, perfumes, and electronic items.  The companies that offer costly gifts to celebrities often request them to take a photo along with the gift product as they can use it for a promotional purpose and enhance their sales on those particular products easily.



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